Chantelle Satisfied Making Love with Defoe

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Big Brother stars Chantelle Houghton finally open mouth of the relationship with the Tottenham Hotspur striker Jermain Defoe who must eventually end with separation. Chantelle confess to bed satisfied with Defoe.

Chantelle who is now aged 25 years, if realized himself stuck in a world where the wanira the previously independent become dependent on the glamor of life after dating or married to soccer star who can not be trusted.

"Expensive shoe does not make you happy, not at all. Most of the WAG does not have any, but now they have a bag-purse expensive, and abundant material. But it does not mean anything when you betray your boyfriend, "said Chantelle.

The owners of breast size with the beautiful 32 DD finally realize this himself may not live under the shadow of lies. And finally decided to leave Jermain.

"Four months for a relationship, I knew I loved him. I write in a valentine card but he never says back. We finally separated the two weeks later, "said Chantelle.

Chantelle peak regret when his mobile phone to see Jermain is there any other images of women.

"I am very disappointed and eventually resemble the stem I-goods. Seraya said, "I hope one day, you realize, I just have to you. I'm with you not expect anything, "he said.

Chantelle also recognize when a former girlfriend is very confident in bed, in addition Jermain also wild and savage.

"Jermain is very confident in bed and with the body, I think he can get what he want. Intimate relationship we satisfy one another. We make every day for two at any time, "I squeeze Chantelle as quoted from the News of the World.