How to increase traffic and popularity quickly and naturally!!

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How to increase Blog Traffic You?

Follow these tips that I get this...
Follow and read carefully,
then run to the fair...
Please read carefully
then apply correctly...

A philosophy that "Honesty is the Best Policy (Honesty is the political/best strategy), " is what we will evidence..., the concept of honesty if we can trick the traffic and popularity of the more powerful the concept of complex expert webmaster or SEO expert ..?... I believe this concept can be home run in the correct ..., when to apply this in your web according to the provisions of the:

- Web you will be swamped with traffic visitors a remarkable day by day, without fuss or tired of the SEO campaign to various place in the internet world.

- Web you will be inundated backlink that's incredible day by day, without having to fuss over hunting link to various place in the internet world.

Albert Einstein If the equation e = mc2 to combine the potential and speed of light to produce nuclear energy is extraordinary that, then we will use formula t = V1 + v2 web potential joined for me and you to generate web traffic and popularity of the extraordinary.

If Einstein atom using plutonium and uranium to make nuclear bombs, then we use the Honesty and accuracy to make a bomb and traffic this popularity.

You need to do is follow these steps:
1. Create a post articles as I post this, or copy-paste this post from the -----> start copy here <------ until -----> End copy here <----- the sentence, and also be entitled: t = V1 + v2, How to increase traffic and popularity quickly and naturally.

2. Copy or make the next SUPER sentence existing under the number 3 in this pair on the web you easily see the most visitors, for example at the top of the sidebar.

3. Move or change a link or post the url address (here-1) with your url address, and (here-2) with posting my URL address, url address for the post and I post that you can make is to click the title / post title that we make this copy the address bar to its

Next any posts "SUPER sentence" you need to install in your web part (after the change in the url link to its corresponding provisions of the above)

"Want to increase traffic and visitors to your web popularity quickly and unlimited ...? Let me ..., I'll do it for you FREE ...!.. Click here-1 and Click here-2"

So, after the sentence in this SUPER put on the web then you are: if a visitor to click the link here-1 will link to your post, and if you click here will-2 link to the post ... and so I keep going right eye chain that is not lost like that ...

4. Finish, prepare counter and tracker for example sitemeter link talker and Technorati to see a flood of traffic and your web linkback.

What is t = V1 + t2 ...?
t: Number of traffic that will be in the web you get in a day
V1: The number of visitors to your web in a day
v2: Number of visitors of the V1 (the visitor's web visitors you) in a day.

For example, my web is a web or you have a day in the average visitor 50 people .., and all of us to apply this concept (SUPER sentences) correctly, and 50 people from each of the 50 people also have visitors from his blog/web , then the web we will visit in a 50 x 50 plus 50 people on that day = 2550, and will also likely continue to increase day by day, because every day there are always new visitors in the internet world, each day also have a new blogger, or web internet in the world...,evidence is..

For example, our web visitors have 50 people in a day, and all implement this concept, then that day in the web you will get 100 linkback to your website, a link on SUPER sentence and a link on the link in my multiply 50. and will likely continue to increase day by day ....

Why need to create a link in your link and the link on my post ...?
this is to keep our immortality link, because as we get more link in the post less likely erased ....

Can we do not fair or not fair sabotage this concept, for example, "remove all links of origin" and fill in the web / blogs we own ...? .... Yes, and this concept will not prove to be a maximum of Honesty is a strategy / political answer ..... But I believe that we all want to throw themselves credibility by making such action cheap ...

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