First President on the World Rejecting the stipendiary

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FERNANDO Lugo Mendez not conglomerates or politicians wallow money. The former bishop is only a social worker that puppy. But seriously unsuspected, which deepens the teaching of socialism pancasila reject even get a salary as President of Paraguay, who announce on the night before its induction, Friday, August 16 ago.

Lugo this decision is the biggest miracle in the political world, throughout the history of democracy in this universe. He was alone against the flow of force in all countries, including in the U.S., where the position giving the president the opportunity privilese and enrich themselves and groups.

Lugo surprise decision that was greeted by thousands of happy supporting. However, Ecuadorian President Rafael Correa with the thrill, "Lugo Once things start to change, the attack will start." The attack will come from is the capitalist, including the political strength to the U.S. direction.

Not a coincidence if all the socialist Latin American leader attending the inauguration ceremony Fernando Lugo, who held in the capital city of Asuncion simple .. They centralizing by the spirit of anti-United States, or at least dare to fight and say NO to the superior power of the state. On the countries that led the conservative politicians who pro America, namely Mexico, Colombia, Peru, just send a messenger.

The socialist president attended the inauguration of "president of the poor" for the Hugo Chavez of Venezuela, Luiz InĂ¡cio Lula da Silva (Brazil), Cristina Kirchner (Argentina), Michelle Bachelet (Chile), Evo Morales (Bolivia) and Rafael Correa (Ecuador). Their presence makes the appointment to be such a celebration of a new style of socialism in Latin America in the earth.

Fernando Lugo, 56 years old, won the presidential election in Paraguay last April. Previously he worked as a Catholic bishop in areas that are poor countries with Brazil, Argentina, and Bolivia that. He got permission from the Vatican temporary leave, win the election, and became the first bishop in the world who has won the presidential election.