Facebook disappointed user!

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You disappointed with the new Facebook? It looks like you're not alone. Users start a special blog for the dedicated disappointed in Facebook.

Facebook began to replace home early this month. Some users rate, changes it makes no difference with Twitter.

Users are frustrated with the changes that open a blog that includes some tricks that Facebook's return to the old model. For example, the groups that make allfacebook.com I WILL SHOW YOU HOW TO GET BACK THE OLD FaceBook!. Groups that provide step by step so that the Facebook page back to the old model.

Meanwhile, other groups Give us back old Facebook just issued a petition or boycott call.

Facebook asserted in the email response to all user input seriously. "We listen to what the word through various channels," said Facebook spokesman.

Reports emerged yesterday in which 94% users are not satisfied with the changes Facebook. Data is based on surveys made by Facebook itself.

The biggest problem faced by the Facebook news feed that is creating confusion usernya.

"I am longing to get more than just an update on the status of news feeds," said a user named Lisa.

"I like to look old. I am more easily categorize the various posts. All displayed based on time and easy to separate the difference," he said