10 Most Unique Restaurants in the World

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1. Cannibalistic Restaurant ( JAPAN )
"Nyotaimori" (meaning "female body plate") is one of the restaurant in Japan that serve sushi sashimi dah in the "body" of women. "Body" is made from food and placed on the operating table, such as in hospitals. Visitors can take the body anywhere. Body that will cut out the blood, just like a snippet of the human body. Restaurant such as this are suitable for human taste cannibal.

2. Toilet Restaurant ( TAIWAN )
Marton Theme Restaurant, in Kaohsiung (Taiwan) to provide toilets for customers nuance. Decorating the room, chairs and a place I used to eat just like in the toilet. Table is created, such as bathtub, and I provided the food placed on the plates and bowls are designed as you sit down toilet. Table here is not only tasty, but also give visitors the sensation itself

3. Restaurant in the Sky ( BELGIUM )
"Dinner in the Sky" is one of the restaurants in Brussels, which provides food for 22 people ... of course at a height of 150 feet! Places to eat in a special design to be lifted using a crane. Visitors choose the location you are interested altitude, origin and do not throw forks let alone a knife ...

4. Dark Restaurant ( CHINA )
Restaurants darkness that is located in Beijing China. All restaurant design realy black. Visitors who will come in between by servants fully equipped with a telescope to the night table. Flashlight, HP, glass is prohibited in this area. Because can not see the food you eated, visitors really I feel the food is never eaten before in this restaurant ... Hmmm I have appeared in the there cockroach, visitors will also get ga, great idea!

5. Restaurant grave (INDIA)
Restaurants are located in Ahmadabad India is famous for the milk tea, roll, and the graves between the tables. The owners of restaurants that have opened this restaurant heredity for 4 decades, but I do not know who you corpse buried under the grave of this.

6. Restaurant in prison (ITALY)
This restaurant is located in the most secure, the prison Fortezza Medicea in Italy. Decorating the house is a prison, where murder is equipped with a wall at 60kaki, control tower, security camera that has been operating for 500 years. Besides, this place is also equipped with a guard with a prison full of weapons.

7. Restaurant Robot (CHINA)
What is called a robot? because the restaurant is open all day for 21 days without the tired. Restaurant manager also visible at a glance the same, but this is a couple pairs identical twin! Orang2 call about "robot couple restaurant" as they see the same work as a robot in running a restaurant from 5 am until 3 days early. Hence it is called the robot.

8. Restaurant under the sea (MALDIVES)
Restaurants under the sea first introduced at the Hilton Maldives Resort & Spa, April 2007. Restaurant called Ithaa (read "eet-ha", meaning "pearl" in the Maldives, Dhivehi) is 5 meters below the Indian Ocean, surrounded by coral reefs and sea bottom of the panorama. This is the restaurant for the first category under the sea.

9. Condom Restaurant ( THAILAND )
"Cabbages and Condoms" is the name of the restaurant in Thailand. There are a lot of condoms in the paintings dinding2 and condoms in the carpet. After the meal, the visitor will be given condoms in the cashier's table. The advantage of this restaurant used to support the foundation's Population and Community Development Association (PDA).

10. Medical Restaurant ( TAIPEI )
D.S. Music Restaurant in Taipei, Taiwan is a restaurant with the feel of the medical. Decorating the room, such as hospitals, pelayannya dressed as a nurse, and also drink bottles packed in bottles infus.

New Moon Trailer

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New Moon The Movie An upcoming film adaptation is tentatively set for release on November 20, 2009. New Moon The Movie is a young adult fantasy romance adopted by novel author Stephenie Meyer, and is the second book in the Twilight saga. According to Meyer, this movie is story about losing true love. The title refers to the darkest phase of the lunar cycle, indicating that New Moon is about the darkest time of the protagonist Bella's life.

About the movie New Moon:
Title: New Moon
aka Twilight 2, or Twilight New Moon
Genre: Fantasy/Thriller/Romance
Produced by: Summit Entertainment
Directed by: Chris Weitz
Written by:
Melissa Rosenberg (Script),
Stephenie Meyer (Novel)
Kristen Stewart,
Robert Pattinson,
Taylor Lautner,
Michael Sheen,
Dakota Fanning
Release Date: November 20, 2009

New Moon Trailer
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10 Most Dangerous Serial Killer

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1. Pedro Alonso Lopez

So far, this one man who murderer is the most dangerous chain over time. With the victim in the number 300. Known as the Monster of the Andes, Lopez killed nearly 100 local tribal women in Peru in 1978. Arrested by the local tribal authorities and stated that the death penalty, a pastor from the United States that are parties to persuade the tribe to submit to him to be handed to the police, the police and then remove it without a clear reason. Lopez then went to Ecuador where he was killed almost 3-4 girls each week. Once caught in 1980, Lopez has admitted killing over 300 people, and police began to believe after the pool of blood covered most of the mass grave of victims of Lopez in grave. He was released by the government and Ecuador deported back to Columbia in 1998.

2. Henry Lee Lucas

Although initially Lucas has admitted to killing about 3000, and then the total number of 100 more was revealed by Henry Lee Lucas Task force (such as agency investigators), which was formed to investigate the recognition given to the police. Police from all over the country looking for impressions of all cases related to the interrogation Lucas, hope to open the curtain cases murder that does not detected during few years. Despite several parties and then close authority results without a lot of cases relating to the recognition of Lucas, a few years later, many cases reopened. Many people believe that Henry Lee Lucas playing are with the authority to see how far they are able to investigate all of him. And then finally the authority confident, successful and to investigate the murder of more than 100 of the recognition Lucas. Lucas to receive the death penalty, but then changed into imprisonment for life in 1998. Unfortunately, in 2001, Henry Lee Lucas died in prison, which means we never know the dark curtain of which have been recognized.

3. Bruno Ludke

Ludke, Germany was the birth of 18 years in 1927 oxter he started to kill 85 women. After war of the world II, Ludke arrested after police molest a young girl and then declared free. But this does not stop the action against the severity of women. With the throttle or stick, is a favorite method, after she is sexually molest them. Ludke fortune and he ended arrested on 29 January, 1943. Before the court, Ludke mad at it and tell to the mental hospital where they perform their grisly tried that himself. 8 April 1944, he was declared dead by a chemical injection tried on himself.

4. Andrei Chikatilo

Known as the Rostov Ripper famous from Russia have made a fatal omission from the 53 women and anak2 during 1978 and 1991. Most victims are living in the gutter or street stasion bus. crime more from the most cruel murder, stab victim repeated not controlled until sexual desire fulfilled. 20 November 1990, in catching and Andrei diinterogasi by the police, where he has admitted to 56 murders. 3 of the victims that can not be found associated with Chikatilo. The court against him began April 1992 and ended in July. 15 October 1992, Chikatilo reveal the guilty to 52 murders and in vonis dead. 14 February 1994, Andrei Chikatilo in law shoot dead behind the head.

5. Gerald Stano

More than 7 years since 1973, Stano has killed 42 people most of the prostitutes, with the throttle, shoot, or stab the victim. Strangely, Stano never sexual violence against victims. crime own has been able to perform satisfactorily angry without rape. In 1980 he was arrested and died in vonis. March 23, 1998, Stano in law died with the electric chair in Florida.

6. Moses Sithole

This human chain is the most famous murderer in South Africa, have been known to do a rape of 40 women and the murder of 38 people during the years 1994-1995. Arrested 5 December 1997, and in the legal year in prison in 2410 Pretoria Central prison, and the appeal to be 930 years old. In 2000, the authority says Moses Sithole contract has been suffering from HIV and AIDS virus.

7. Gary Ridgeway

Known as The Green River Killer. In two and a half years to kill randomly in the 1980s. Ridgeway to kill about 5 women in Seattle and Tacoma, Washington. Most victims are prostitutes or have been on the lam and violent before in cekik. Ridgeway was arrested 2 times for forced prostitution, and eventually arrested the suspect on the crime that was first made 20 years ago because of DNA evidence. Gary Ridgeway murder recognize most of the chain occur in the United States at the time, and on 18 December 2003, Judge Richard Jones says Gary Ridgeway guilty to 48 murders with no possibility of appeal. He now be caged and waiting time in the Washington State Penitentiary in Walla Walla, Washington.

8. John Wayne Gacy

Gacy, a political figure who is very popular and are friends with many people in the environment of Chicago, many partners surprise when on 22 December 1978, he was admitted to the detective, that he had persecute and kill 33 men, bury 28 victims under the floor of the house, 5 drown in the Des Plaines River. Most of the victims is a teenage runaway from a youth home or to work for construction companies in Gacy. Court against John Wayne Gacy began on 6 February 1980, Gacy that do not apply aberration guilty by reason of the soul, in decline by the court. With the court that only runs 5 weeks, Gacy declared guilty on 13 March 1980, and die. 14 years later, 10 May 1994, at the Stateville Penitentiary in Illinois, John Wayne Gacy in law died with the injection. Last sentence is "You can kiss my ass."

9. Dean Corll

Dean Corll not work alone, friends of David Brooks and Elmer Henley killing at least 27 teenagers mans that their violent, murder, and grave in the village of Houston, Texas. All the victims aged 9-21 years. Dean Corll new start after the suspect is considered one of the partners crime, Elmer Henley, shot and killed him. 1976, Henley and Brooks at adili and punished. Henly is indicted on 6 murder, punishable by years in prison 6x99. Brooks at the 1 on the murder charge, punishable by life imprisonment. Until this day, twice still sitting prison, all the proposed appeal, and denied everything.

10. Wayne Williams

William, famous as the murderer of Atlanta children, in recriminate responsible for 29 sons in Atlanta, Georgia, between the annual 1979-1981. Despite originally only on 2 murder accused, 27 years old Nathaniel Cater and Jimmy Payne 29 years, The Atlanta authority states have completed the investigation on 22 cases of murder of 29 other murders sons, as William and the arrest on 27 February 1982. Most people in the city not only believe that William killed sons all, the jury do the negotiations for 10 hours, and then go back to the states and vonis guilty on 2 murder countinues. William to this day still does not declare himself guilty. Read More...