Moon Once Split?

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Is the incredible 14 centuries ago, when he moon splitwith the permission of Allah?. Regardless of which comes from God and the Messengers reasonable or not there is no option to reject it. Because a rejection is a answers nearly what our faith in the truth? String tract following hopefully can add confidence we will be a truth, ... the absolute truth from him.

He said: "They have been close end of day, and has hours split (QS Al-Qamar: 1)" Do you justify will paragraph story from the Al-Qur'an is the incoming leaders of Hizb Islami English? Below is the story :

In meeting with the television Geology Muslim expert, Prof. Dr. Zaghlul Al-Najar, one of the UK citizens to ask questions to him, whether the verse from surat Al-Qamar at the top of the uterus have a scientific miracle?

But Prof. Dr. Zaghlul Al-Najar it as follows:
About this verse, I will narrate a story. Since some time ago, I presented at the Univ. Cardif, the western part of the UK, and the participants were diverse, there is a Muslim and there is also a non-Muslim. One theme of discussion at that time was about scientific miracles of the Al-Qur'an. One of the young people who are Muslim, also stood and said, "O Lord, do you think the paragraph reads [close days Past end of day moon and has split] contains a scientific miracle? Then I reply: No, because violence be scientific knowledge by , while the signs can not be science, because he can not reach.

And about moon splited, then it is a miracle that occurred in the last Messenger, Muhammad shallallahu 'alaihi up respectfully as justification prophethood and, as the prophets before. And signs that appear, then it is justified and to be witnessed by everyone who see them. If it is not set in the book of Allah and the hadith-hadith Allah's Messenger, then surely we in the era of the Moslems is not will believe it. However, it is set correctly in the Al-Qur'an and Sunna Sunna-Prophet shallallahu alaihi respectfully. And indeed Allah ta'alaa really has power over all things.

But Prof. Dr. Zaghlul Al-Najar was quoted a story he slit days. The story is that before the Hijrah from Mecca to Medina Mukarramah. The idolaters said, "O Muhammad, if you correct the Prophet and the messenger, try to show an intensity that we can prove the prophethood and Messengers (ridicule and make fun of)?" He asked, "What do you want? They said: Try half moon.."

He then stood up and was speechless, and pray to God so that helped. Allah tells Muhammad that lead to finger moon. But he also direct the finger to moon, and with the rounded real splited. Then immediately the idolaters also said, "Muhammad, you really have enchant us!" But experts say that the magic, the truth can only "witch" who have besides will but people can not spell that is not there. So they waited on the people who will return from the trip. Those Quraish was rushing out to the limits of the city Mecca awaits the return of a new journey. And when the troupe comes from the first trip to Mecca, then the idolaters also asked, "Do you see something strange with the moon?" They said, "Yes, correct. On a night that we saw moon ago split into two and mutual apart each and then re ...!!!"

So some of them also believe, and some other more permanent disbelieve (reject). Therefore, God sends down His verses:

Indeed, have been close qiamat days, moon and has been split, and when I saw signs of greatness Us, They refuse again turned and said, "This is the magic that constantly," and they are it, and even follow their carnality. And any matters really .... still have until the end of Al-Qamar.

This is the real story, said Prof. Dr. Zaghlul Al-Najar. And after the completion of Prof.. Dr. Zaghlul the hadith is the prophet, standing a Muslim British citizens and introduce themselves and say, "I Pitkhok Moses, David, the head of the Al-Hizb Al-Islamy UK." O my lord, may I add? "

Prof. Dr. Zaghlul Al-Najar said, are happy with. "
David Pitkhok Moses said, "I have been researching religions (before a Muslim), then one of his Muslim students a translation of the meanings of Qur'an al-noble. So, I thank him and I brought it home rendering home. And when I open the open-translation al-Qur'an in the home, the letter of the first open I was al-Qamar. And I also read: Past day near qiamat moon and has split ...

So I mumble: Does this sentence make sense? What may be split and then reunite? If so, what kind of power that can do it? So, I stop reading of the verses and then I busy myself with the affairs of daily life. But God Knows the Most about the level His servant in search of truth. Then one day I sat in front of British television. At that time there was a discussion between the presenter and a UK 3 U.S. space experts.

Outer third expert was told about these funds so that big in order to travel to outer space, when, in the same time the world are experiencing hunger, poverty, disease and strife. Presenter said, "If the funds are used for earth memakmurkan, the more useful". The three experts are also on the defensive antariksanya with the project and said, "outer space this project will bring a very positive impact on many segments of human life, good sense of medicine, industry, and agriculture. So funding is not a futile, but it in order that the development of human life.

And discussion of the decline is about astronauts legg set in, where the trip to outer space this moon to spend the funds have not less than 100 million dollars. Hear it, and tell presenter surprised, "especially with this kind of foolishness, so the funds are removed by the U.S. only to be landed on the moon?" They also said, "No, ..!!! aim not only drive in science in the U.S., but we will learn in the womb in itself, then we have got the fact of the moon, that if we provide funds more than 100 million dollars for human enjoyment, then we will not provide the funds to anyone. So that is the presenter said, "the fact that you have been so tired so expensive taruhannya. They said,

"The days have been a division in the old days, and then ignites again.! Presenter is asked," How can you be sure that akanhal? "They said," We have found exactly rock-rock from a separate cut in the surface of the moon up in the (stomach) moon. So we ask the experts for research geology, and they said, "This could not have happened unless it had split moon ago together again."

Hear the explanation, the head of the Al-Hizb Al-Islamy English says, "So I came down from the chair and said," Signs (intensity) actually have occurred in the self of Muhammad sallallahu alaihi wassallam an 1400-year ago. God has truly mock the U.S. to issue such a large fund, 100 million dollars more, just to set the truth Muslims! Thus, Islam is not wrong ... may be So I said, "So, I open the back Mushhaf Al-Qur'an and I read the letter of Al-Qamar, and at that time ... I was beginning to accept and enter Islam.

Translated by: Abu Muhammad ibn Shadiq