This is the strength of the Nuclear North Korea!

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North Korea is believed to have more than 800 ballistic rudal, including guided missile remote that a day can shoot goals in the United States.

Communist state was first obtained rudal-rudal tactical from the Soviet Union in early 1969. However, rudal Scud-rudal first reported in Egypt, came through in 1976. Cairo supply guided missile Scud B to reward Pyongyang with aid form against Israel in the Yom Kippur War in 1973.

North Korea has some type of guided missile short distance. The most accurate shot at the same time the distance is fired KN-02, with a range of 100 kilometers. Rudal stage in this type of testing and be prepared for the South Korean military installation.

Pyongyang also has rudal Scud B with a distance of 300 kilometers shoot, Scud C (500 kilometers), and the Scud D (700 kilometers). The three types of guided missile that has been tested and placed in the try various positions. They prepared to attack various targets in South Korea.

Rudal middle distance
Nodong can carry the nuclear shoot with dis
tance 1000 km. Guided missile has been tested this kind of attempt in May 1993, but not accurate. According to the Center for Non-proliferation Studies United States, shot Nodong can slip 2-4 kilometers from the target. It can reach almost all areas of Japan.

A. Tapeodong-1
Have a 2200-kilometer distance and shoot a little more accurate rather Nodong. Guided missile of this type of attempt has been tested in August 1998 on the northern Japan.

Taepodong-1 can reach the United States military base in Okinawa. However, the launch process requires long preparation so that the enemy more quickly.

B. Taepodong X
Rudal land-based is still in development and not yet tested try. Taepodong X believed to have 4,000-kilometer distance shoot so capable of reaching United States military base in Guam. Guided missile of this type of system can ditembakkan of launching the car.

C. Taepodong-2
Have a distance and shoot at 5000-6000 kilometers capable of reaching Hawaii, Alaska, and the United States west coast. Launch preparation takes time. However, the Taepodong-2 accurately and is able to bring the nuclear size.