Do you know Indoesian have very advanced cultural

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Mexico :
Archaeologists Mexico reported that they do digging among the ruins of Aztec civilization. After
300m digging deep to find their mailboxes. So the conclusion can be drawn that 500 years ago, the tribe Aztec has been in correspondence with communication.

Egypt :

People of ancient Egypt who have already digging in the spinx statue found in the phone cable 200m depth. So..Egypt nations claim they already know the phone since King Tut era.

China :
After conducting research among Teracota statue, found fiber glass. So..Nation China claimed more advanced civilization of their peoples Egypt, as are have fiber optic since Ming Dynasty.

Indonesia :
Office of Local Government Magelang ancient excavation adjacent to the temple of Borobudur to the depth of 100 meters did not find anything. Resumed until the depth 500m ago 1.000m. They still can not find anything other than soil and rock. So.., then they decide, that Indonesia was the nation's most advanced nations in the world. Because..., since Saylendra Dynasty era of the nation we are using Wireless Technology.

Sorry...just kidding friends, why so serious !! keep smile :)