Do you know 10 Hollywood artist's mental illness

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1. Depression
Depression is a medical-psychiatric condition and not just a sad situation, if the conditions to cause a depression, interference social activities day-to-day it is referred to as a Disturbance Depression. Some Disorders Depression symptoms are feeling sad, feeling tired after the event over the usual routine, lost interest and enthusiasm, lazy for activities, and sleep pattern disturbance.

2. Agoraphobia
fear the foreign environment / outside, so sometimes the fear out of the house people..

3. Starving to be Thin (Anorexia)
Anorexia is a psychological aberration someone who suffered a lack of appetite and hunger, although actual taste of food. Or can also said to deal with activity as the body how to eat deliberately restrictions and strict control. Basically, the people are very hungry but afraid to eat because it can lead to increase in body weight.
The desire to be lean because there could be several things, that is not satisfied tehadap among themselves, consider themselves not interesting, or perhaps because of environmental pressure, which is always mocking victims of "obese".

4. Bulimia (Eating Disorder)
Mental illness is marked with a pattern of excessive eating and dangerous.
-Pain on the excessive worry that increased body weight
-Eat-in a large number of vomiting in ago
-Health-throat that chronic
-Depletion-layer email teeth
-Waste-water habit is not regular
-Salivary gland swelling
-It can decrease the weight of body weight.
it is not known exactly, but estimated that caused by fear of the extremely overweight.

5. Bipolar Disorder
Symptoms Diseases Manik-Depresif (Bipolar deviation)
Manik-depresif disease usually begins with depression, and include at least 1 episode mania in the disease. Depression episode lasts for 3-6 months. In the form of the disease the most weight (deviation bipolar I), depression in intermittent by the weight of mania. In the form that is not too heavy (deviation bipolar II), brief episodes of depression in intermittent with hipomania. The form of the disease is more mild siklotimik, where the period of excitement and depression, not too heavy, lasted only a few days, and relapse in the lapse of time that is not uniform.

6. Post Partum Depression
Post-birth depression, Postpartum depression (PPD), is a form of clinical depression that can affect women after childbirth. The influence of depression after the birth of each person is different. But there are some symptoms that can waspadai mother, for example:
• Having panic attacks or fear.
• Keep up with the concerned mother's health or safety is concerned even with the people close to the mother.
• Feeling that the mother is the mother or the evil.
• Continue the experience destroyed.
• Often feel want to cry without reason is clear.
• Want to sleep but did not continue to feel calm.
• It's hard to sleep.

7. Hoarding Obsession
obsession to collect goods that do not how useful again, so make a place into a kind of "trash" .. usually people (especially artists ..) feel pity to discard benda2 page as a result of their hard work possible hoarding obsession is still associated with OCD

8. Sleep Disorder (Insomnia)
Sleep disorder is highlighted here is almost insomnia. Because average the artists find this very difficult time sleep.They really know without a job tired, even almost 24 hours. Insomnia is a symptom aberration in the form of sleep difficulty sleeping or repeated for maintaining sleep despite the opportunity for that. Symptoms are usually followed up at the functional interference. Insomnia is often caused by the existence of a disease or a result of psychological problems. In this case, medical or psychological assistance will be needed.
Justin Chambers is one of the artist people with insomnia. In the channel do I watch, I spelled Justin Chambers never slept only 2 hours in a week ... even the death of the Joker aka Heath Ledger was also associated with overdosis drug consumption do him sleep so that she can.

9. Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD)
Obsessive compulsive Disorder (OCD) is one of the worries of deviation is marked with the clinical behavior of obsesif (must be - and without tolerance), which is related to the behavior kompulsif (something to do with repeatedly). Behavior kompulsif aims to calm obsesifnya behavior.

10. Self-Injury
Self injury (hurt / injure yourself) can be defined as an act of mutilasi (damage) on the body or body part deliberately, not with the purpose of suicide, but as a way to release emotions-emotions that are too painful to expressed with words.
Self injury can be cut up, or scratch burning the skin, or through accident bruised body that has been previously planned. In cases of a more extreme and even break their bones, their bones, take the goods harmful, amputate their own body, or inject poison into the body.