Bigest man in the world!

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This is indeed a record. Men of Monterrey, Northern Mexico, is recorded in the current edition of Guinness Book as the most obese people worldwide, 560 Kg. Six years ago, he did not go out of the iron bedstead in his room. Movement is only to sit and lie down, and each time the engine massager for smooth circulation of blood on his knee and elbow. Bath and all the hunger in the place where he did. His fiancee, Claudia Solis, helping with the faithful.

Under the supervision team doctor and nutrition experts, Uribe was controversial and the zone diet be gazed at by The American Heart Association. Strict diet that does not cause hunger Uribe. He was still eating 5 times a day, with a menu of fish, chicken, meat, fruits and almost all types of vegetables. He can also drink cans - of course without sugar.

What is the main motivation is to encourage Uribe berdiet strict?

"I really love my fiance. This year I want to engaged women. I want to undergo the ceremony
marriage normal, standing side by side. If I stay like this, it is impossible happen"