Servik Cancer

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Of course you are not foreign to the term servik cancer (Cervical Cancer), or neck cancer in the womb. True, according to the name, uterus neck cancer is cancer that occurs in the uterus servik, a region in the female reproductive organ which is the entrance to the uterus located between the womb (uterus) with coitus vagina (vagina). This cancer usually occurs in women who have aged, but the statistical evidence showed that the uterus neck cancer can also attack the women aged between 20 to 30 years. Indeed, the term "cancer" alone is certain to give the impression frightening and horrific. Like a prisoners receive the death penalty.

According to cancer experts, uterus neck cancer is one of the most types of cancer can be prevented and most can be cured of all cancer cases. But, even so, the area just west of Australia, there were as many as 85 people on the positive woman diagnosed uterus neck cancer each year. And in 1993 alone, 40 women have become victims of violence died of cancer this.

The withdrawal of all cancer, neck cancer occurs in the womb with the growth of cells on the neck of the womb is not common (abnormal). But before the cells become cancer cells, several changes occurred experienced by these cells. Changes in cells usually take up to many years before the cells before the cells turn into cancer-cells. During the pause, that appropriate treatment can be stopped immediately akan cells which are abnormal before the change into cancer cells. Cells that are abnormal can be detected with the presence of a test called a "Pap smear test", so the early abnormal cells detected earlier, the risk of someone suffering rendahlah neck cancer womb.

Indeed, Pap smear test is a test that is safe and inexpensive and has been used for many years to detect the deviation-deviation that occurred in cells womb neck. This test was first discovered by Dr. George Papanicolou, so called Pap smear test. Pap smear test is a method of examination of cells taken from the womb and the neck and then examined under the microscope to see the changes that occur from these cells. Changes in neck cells detected in the womb that will allow early treatment taken some action before the cells can develop into cancer cells.

This test only takes a few minutes. Lie in the supine, a tool called spekulum will be entered into the vagina coitus. This serves to open the vagina wall and holding that remain open, allowing a free view of the womb and the neck is clearly visible. Neck cells and the uterus is taken with the neck fixed with a tool called a spatula, a tool that resembles a handle on ice cream, and stroke be smeared on the object-glass, and then sent to the pathology laboratory for a more thorough examination.

Pap smear examination procedure may test is not very fun for you, but will not cause pain. Perhaps you prefer a female doctor for the procedure, but in general the doctors and the public family planning clinic can help dimintai for Pap smear test. Usahakanlah perform Pap smear test at this time a week or two weeks after the end of the period menstruasi you. If you have menopause, Pap smear test you can perform at any time. But if the uterus uterus uterus and neck surgery or have been appointed (hysterectomy uterus or womb, lifting operations and neck womb), you do not need Pap smear test because you are free from risk of suffering from neck cancer womb. Pap smear test is usually done every two years, and performed better on a regular basis. It must always remember that no word is too late to do Pap smear test. Pap smear test is always required even though you're no longer doing sexual activities.

How do signs of Cancer Serviks?
Changes that occur early in the cell neck is not always the womb is a signs of cancer. Examination of Pap smear test regularly is necessary to know the earlier a change from the initial cell-cell cancer. Changes in cancer cells may cause further bleeding after sexual activity, or among the menstruasi.

If you have these signs, you should immediately do the examination to the doctor. There is a change in discharge or fluid (discharge) this is not a normal thing, and that careful examination should be done even if you just make a Pap smear test. Even so, in general, made after a thorough examination, the results are not always positive cancer.

As the incidence of the disease, if early changes can be detected as early as possible, action can be given treatment as early as possible. If the initial changes have been known that treatment is given to the public:

  • Heating, diathermy or laser rays.
  • Cone biopsy, namely by taking a few cells from the womb neck, including the cell changes. This allows a more thorough examination to ensure that cell-cell changes. This can be done by experts womb.

  • If it has to travel on the pre-cancer stage, and neck cancer can be identified have been fixed, then for healing, some things you can do is:

  • Operation, namely by taking the area fell ill of cancer, usually womb uterus and its neck.
  • Radiotherapy is to use high-strength X-ray that can be either internal or external

  • Fell ill to cancer risk:
    Each woman had to have a sexual relationship to the risk of womb cancer neck. Neck cells may be changed in the womb so that it is necessary to do Pap smear test regularly (both of which have or have not been getting Pap smear test). Likewise for those of you who smoke likely to get cancer neck womb is very big.

    Founded Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) are often suspected as the cause of the change of the abnormal cells womb neck. Couples who have sexual flit or start sexual activity at a very young age also increase risk of cancer is likely get the uterus neck.

    What should you do to avoid neck cancer womb?
    The first, if you ever make sexual relationship you have to do Pap smear test regularly every two years and this is done until you are 70 years of age. In some cases, doctors may suggest to do the Pap smear test more often.

    This is the second report of symptoms is not normal, such as the bleeding, especially after coitus (coitus).

    This is the third does not smoke. Data statistics reported that the risk fell ill uterus neck cancer will be higher if women smoke.

    By doing some action that can reduce risk, we hope, be dissociated from the events this womb neck cancer. Hopefully.

    Can you imagine, how to know if your feelings examination results' Pap smear 'you give abnormal results? Surely you will feel anxious and worried, when you find that the results of the examination 'Pap smear' you abnormal. But do not worry too first, because not all penampakan cells which means that cancer is abnormal. Indeed, 'Pap smear' can detect the deviation-deviation change in neck cells in the womb early. Paradigm must be remembered that the initial finding is a difference in the aberration-proofing 'Pap smear', it will be more easily overcome the problem.

    What does it mean if 'Pap smear' you abnormal.
    Results' Pap smear 'said if the abnormal cells that come from your womb neck when examined under the microscope will give penampakan different from the normal cells. This usually happens 1 out of 10 inspections' Pap smear '. Some of the factors that can provide indications diketemukannya penampakan 'Pap smear' that is abnormal:

    1. Unsatisfactory 'Pap smear'
    In this case, means that employees in the Lab is not able to see cells wombs neck with detail so that you fail to make a report that komprehensive to your doctor. If you overwrite this case you should come again for 'Pap smear' in the time that will be determined by your doctor

    2. If there is infection or inflamasi
    Sometimes the checks' Pap smear 'inflamasi provide appearing occurrence. This means that cells in the neck wombs experiencing a mild irritation that is. Indeed, sometimes we can inflamasi detection through examination 'Pap smear', even though we do not feel the complaints because they do not feeling clinical symptoms caused. The manifold. May have occurred because of infection by bacteria, fungi or because '. Consult with your doctor about this problem and its treated if necessary. Ask when you have to 'Pap smear' again.

    3. Atypia or Minor Atypia
    The definition of this condition is checking if the 'Pap smear' was detected changes in cells wombs neck, but very minor and it is not clear. In this case, the results are usually reported as' atypia '. Usually the change appear cells is due to the inflammation, but also not rare because the virus infection. Because to make a definitive diagnosis is not possible at this stage, your doctor may recommend you to undergo the examination again within six months. In general, the cells will return to normal again. So, it is very important for you to do the 'Pap smear' to ensure that the deviation-deviation that appears on first inspection is not a serious interference. If the results of the examination the same results then you may be advised to undergo kolposkopi.

    Kolposkopi whether it?
    Kolposkopi is an examination procedure wombs vagina and the neck by a physician who is experienced in this field. Check the surface with the neck wombs, the doctor will determine the cause of abnormalitas cells wombs neck as stated in the examination 'Pap smear'. How kolposkopi examination is as follows: the doctor will insert a liquid into the vagina and color channel wombs neck with a fluid that makes the surface of the neck wombs containing cells abnormal colorized .. Then the doctor will look into the channel through the neck wombs a tool called kolposkop. Kolposkop is a tool such Binocular microscope whose rays are strong with a high magnification.

    If the abnormal area is localisation, the doctor will take a sample on the network (do biopsy) and then sent to the lab to review the play and accurate. Treatment will depend on the results of the examination kolposkopi you.

    How does sexual activity with you?
    At this stage, you need not worry with your sexual activity. You do not need to absent sexual activity just because the examination 'Pap smear' you positive, because the pre-cancer or cancer that may not suffer you to be your husband. But if you're in the healing treatment, you should ask your doctor when you can make sexual relations more often, and how these relationships.

    Is follow-up examination performed after the completion of treatment?
    Further examination after the completion of the treatment is absolutely necessary to obtain assurance that the area has been treated has been cured at all. Though the method of treatment you get is very effective, cells are abnormal and sometimes can relapse again, can even grow with the degree of illness is higher. So early detection is essential once. During the first two years of treatment, you are advised to undergo examination 'Pap smear' every three months or six months. If after three consecutive examination results' Pap smear 'you are normal, this means that you have stated can recover, and you should be able to review' Pap smear 'each year once it continuously.