Servik Cancer

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Of course you are not foreign to the term servik cancer (Cervical Cancer), or neck cancer in the womb. True, according to the name, uterus neck cancer is cancer that occurs in the uterus servik, a region in the female reproductive organ which is the entrance to the uterus located between the womb (uterus) with coitus vagina (vagina). This cancer usually occurs in women who have aged, but the statistical evidence showed that the uterus neck cancer can also attack the women aged between 20 to 30 years. Indeed, the term "cancer" alone is certain to give the impression frightening and horrific. Like a prisoners receive the death penalty.

According to cancer experts, uterus neck cancer is one of the most types of cancer can be prevented and most can be cured of all cancer cases. But, even so, the area just west of Australia, there were as many as 85 people on the positive woman diagnosed uterus neck cancer each year. And in 1993 alone, 40 women have become victims of violence died of cancer this.

The withdrawal of all cancer, neck cancer occurs in the womb with the growth of cells on the neck of the womb is not common (abnormal). But before the cells become cancer cells, several changes occurred experienced by these cells. Changes in cells usually take up to many years before the cells before the cells turn into cancer-cells. During the pause, that appropriate treatment can be stopped immediately akan cells which are abnormal before the change into cancer cells. Cells that are abnormal can be detected with the presence of a test called a "Pap smear test", so the early abnormal cells detected earlier, the risk of someone suffering rendahlah neck cancer womb.

Indeed, Pap smear test is a test that is safe and inexpensive and has been used for many years to detect the deviation-deviation that occurred in cells womb neck. This test was first discovered by Dr. George Papanicolou, so called Pap smear test. Pap smear test is a method of examination of cells taken from the womb and the neck and then examined under the microscope to see the changes that occur from these cells. Changes in neck cells detected in the womb that will allow early treatment taken some action before the cells can develop into cancer cells.

This test only takes a few minutes. Lie in the supine, a tool called spekulum will be entered into the vagina coitus. This serves to open the vagina wall and holding that remain open, allowing a free view of the womb and the neck is clearly visible. Neck cells and the uterus is taken with the neck fixed with a tool called a spatula, a tool that resembles a handle on ice cream, and stroke be smeared on the object-glass, and then sent to the pathology laboratory for a more thorough examination.

Pap smear examination procedure may test is not very fun for you, but will not cause pain. Perhaps you prefer a female doctor for the procedure, but in general the doctors and the public family planning clinic can help dimintai for Pap smear test. Usahakanlah perform Pap smear test at this time a week or two weeks after the end of the period menstruasi you. If you have menopause, Pap smear test you can perform at any time. But if the uterus uterus uterus and neck surgery or have been appointed (hysterectomy uterus or womb, lifting operations and neck womb), you do not need Pap smear test because you are free from risk of suffering from neck cancer womb. Pap smear test is usually done every two years, and performed better on a regular basis. It must always remember that no word is too late to do Pap smear test. Pap smear test is always required even though you're no longer doing sexual activities.

How do signs of Cancer Serviks?
Changes that occur early in the cell neck is not always the womb is a signs of cancer. Examination of Pap smear test regularly is necessary to know the earlier a change from the initial cell-cell cancer. Changes in cancer cells may cause further bleeding after sexual activity, or among the menstruasi.

If you have these signs, you should immediately do the examination to the doctor. There is a change in discharge or fluid (discharge) this is not a normal thing, and that careful examination should be done even if you just make a Pap smear test. Even so, in general, made after a thorough examination, the results are not always positive cancer.

As the incidence of the disease, if early changes can be detected as early as possible, action can be given treatment as early as possible. If the initial changes have been known that treatment is given to the public:

  • Heating, diathermy or laser rays.
  • Cone biopsy, namely by taking a few cells from the womb neck, including the cell changes. This allows a more thorough examination to ensure that cell-cell changes. This can be done by experts womb.

  • If it has to travel on the pre-cancer stage, and neck cancer can be identified have been fixed, then for healing, some things you can do is:

  • Operation, namely by taking the area fell ill of cancer, usually womb uterus and its neck.
  • Radiotherapy is to use high-strength X-ray that can be either internal or external

  • Fell ill to cancer risk:
    Each woman had to have a sexual relationship to the risk of womb cancer neck. Neck cells may be changed in the womb so that it is necessary to do Pap smear test regularly (both of which have or have not been getting Pap smear test). Likewise for those of you who smoke likely to get cancer neck womb is very big.

    Founded Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) are often suspected as the cause of the change of the abnormal cells womb neck. Couples who have sexual flit or start sexual activity at a very young age also increase risk of cancer is likely get the uterus neck.

    What should you do to avoid neck cancer womb?
    The first, if you ever make sexual relationship you have to do Pap smear test regularly every two years and this is done until you are 70 years of age. In some cases, doctors may suggest to do the Pap smear test more often.

    This is the second report of symptoms is not normal, such as the bleeding, especially after coitus (coitus).

    This is the third does not smoke. Data statistics reported that the risk fell ill uterus neck cancer will be higher if women smoke.

    By doing some action that can reduce risk, we hope, be dissociated from the events this womb neck cancer. Hopefully.

    Can you imagine, how to know if your feelings examination results' Pap smear 'you give abnormal results? Surely you will feel anxious and worried, when you find that the results of the examination 'Pap smear' you abnormal. But do not worry too first, because not all penampakan cells which means that cancer is abnormal. Indeed, 'Pap smear' can detect the deviation-deviation change in neck cells in the womb early. Paradigm must be remembered that the initial finding is a difference in the aberration-proofing 'Pap smear', it will be more easily overcome the problem.

    What does it mean if 'Pap smear' you abnormal.
    Results' Pap smear 'said if the abnormal cells that come from your womb neck when examined under the microscope will give penampakan different from the normal cells. This usually happens 1 out of 10 inspections' Pap smear '. Some of the factors that can provide indications diketemukannya penampakan 'Pap smear' that is abnormal:

    1. Unsatisfactory 'Pap smear'
    In this case, means that employees in the Lab is not able to see cells wombs neck with detail so that you fail to make a report that komprehensive to your doctor. If you overwrite this case you should come again for 'Pap smear' in the time that will be determined by your doctor

    2. If there is infection or inflamasi
    Sometimes the checks' Pap smear 'inflamasi provide appearing occurrence. This means that cells in the neck wombs experiencing a mild irritation that is. Indeed, sometimes we can inflamasi detection through examination 'Pap smear', even though we do not feel the complaints because they do not feeling clinical symptoms caused. The manifold. May have occurred because of infection by bacteria, fungi or because '. Consult with your doctor about this problem and its treated if necessary. Ask when you have to 'Pap smear' again.

    3. Atypia or Minor Atypia
    The definition of this condition is checking if the 'Pap smear' was detected changes in cells wombs neck, but very minor and it is not clear. In this case, the results are usually reported as' atypia '. Usually the change appear cells is due to the inflammation, but also not rare because the virus infection. Because to make a definitive diagnosis is not possible at this stage, your doctor may recommend you to undergo the examination again within six months. In general, the cells will return to normal again. So, it is very important for you to do the 'Pap smear' to ensure that the deviation-deviation that appears on first inspection is not a serious interference. If the results of the examination the same results then you may be advised to undergo kolposkopi.

    Kolposkopi whether it?
    Kolposkopi is an examination procedure wombs vagina and the neck by a physician who is experienced in this field. Check the surface with the neck wombs, the doctor will determine the cause of abnormalitas cells wombs neck as stated in the examination 'Pap smear'. How kolposkopi examination is as follows: the doctor will insert a liquid into the vagina and color channel wombs neck with a fluid that makes the surface of the neck wombs containing cells abnormal colorized .. Then the doctor will look into the channel through the neck wombs a tool called kolposkop. Kolposkop is a tool such Binocular microscope whose rays are strong with a high magnification.

    If the abnormal area is localisation, the doctor will take a sample on the network (do biopsy) and then sent to the lab to review the play and accurate. Treatment will depend on the results of the examination kolposkopi you.

    How does sexual activity with you?
    At this stage, you need not worry with your sexual activity. You do not need to absent sexual activity just because the examination 'Pap smear' you positive, because the pre-cancer or cancer that may not suffer you to be your husband. But if you're in the healing treatment, you should ask your doctor when you can make sexual relations more often, and how these relationships.

    Is follow-up examination performed after the completion of treatment?
    Further examination after the completion of the treatment is absolutely necessary to obtain assurance that the area has been treated has been cured at all. Though the method of treatment you get is very effective, cells are abnormal and sometimes can relapse again, can even grow with the degree of illness is higher. So early detection is essential once. During the first two years of treatment, you are advised to undergo examination 'Pap smear' every three months or six months. If after three consecutive examination results' Pap smear 'you are normal, this means that you have stated can recover, and you should be able to review' Pap smear 'each year once it continuously.

    Swine Flu Attached U.S. Citizen

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    LOS ANGELES, two mysterious cases of swine flu in humans have been found in the area of the Imperial and San Diego in Southern California, USA.

    As the Los Angeles Times reported on Wednesday (22 / 4), local health officials, state and federal investigations have been conducted to find the source of that case.

    A girl aged 19 years in the Imperial County children and men aged 10 years in San Diego County identified the virus fell ill. But no one should be treated in the hospital and both have been restored. Therefore reported the newspaper, which quoted some health officials.

    Make the case that health officials are confused because not a patient has to contact with pigs or one another, a series of flu and is never seen in the United States.

    Some officials say there is no guidance the virus spread. "We do not have outbreaks," said Dr. Wilma Wooten, health officials in San Diego County. Family members and others who know both the patient is interviewed and examined.

    Although the disease usually cause respiratory disturbances in pigs, swine flu rarely attack humans. Only 12 other cases of infection in humans have been detected since 2005, so data from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDCP). From to-12 cases, 11 patients have initiated contact with pigs. Symptoms of the disease include fever, lethargic, coughing, and less appetite. This case be regarded rare. Because, according to the CDCP rarely have notes about the case of swine flu cases from human to human.


    Transformer II : Revenge of The Fallen (Must See)

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    The battle for Earth has ended but the battle for the universe has just begun. After returning to Cybertron, Starscream assumes command of the Decepticons, and has decided to return to Earth with force. The Autobots believing that peace was possible finds out that Megatron's dead body has been stolen from the US Military by Skorpinox and revives him using his own spark. Now Megatron is back seeking revenge and with Starscream and more Decepticon reinforcements on the way, the Autobots with reinforcements of their own, may have more to deal with then meets the eye.

    SPANISH TITLE : Transformers 2: La Venganza De Los Caídos
    AMERICAN TITLE : Transformers II
    GENRE : Science Fiction
    RUNTIME : 140 Minutes
    YEAR : 2009
    ON THEATRE : 2009-06-24
    DIRECTOR : Michael Bay
    WRITER : Ehren Kruger, Alex Kurtzman y Roberto Orci
    CAST : Jonah Hill, Megan Fox, Shia LaBeouf y Teresa Palmer
    PRODUCER : Lorenzo di Bonaventura
    MUSIC : Steve Jablonsky
    FILM EDITING : Roger Barton

    How to increase traffic and popularity quickly and naturally!!

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    Do you know Indoesian have very advanced cultural

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    Mexico :
    Archaeologists Mexico reported that they do digging among the ruins of Aztec civilization. After
    300m digging deep to find their mailboxes. So the conclusion can be drawn that 500 years ago, the tribe Aztec has been in correspondence with communication.

    Egypt :

    People of ancient Egypt who have already digging in the spinx statue found in the phone cable 200m depth. So..Egypt nations claim they already know the phone since King Tut era.

    China :
    After conducting research among Teracota statue, found fiber glass. So..Nation China claimed more advanced civilization of their peoples Egypt, as are have fiber optic since Ming Dynasty.

    Indonesia :
    Office of Local Government Magelang ancient excavation adjacent to the temple of Borobudur to the depth of 100 meters did not find anything. Resumed until the depth 500m ago 1.000m. They still can not find anything other than soil and rock. So.., then they decide, that Indonesia was the nation's most advanced nations in the world. Because..., since Saylendra Dynasty era of the nation we are using Wireless Technology.

    Sorry...just kidding friends, why so serious !! keep smile :) Read More...

    First President on the World Rejecting the stipendiary

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    FERNANDO Lugo Mendez not conglomerates or politicians wallow money. The former bishop is only a social worker that puppy. But seriously unsuspected, which deepens the teaching of socialism pancasila reject even get a salary as President of Paraguay, who announce on the night before its induction, Friday, August 16 ago.

    Lugo this decision is the biggest miracle in the political world, throughout the history of democracy in this universe. He was alone against the flow of force in all countries, including in the U.S., where the position giving the president the opportunity privilese and enrich themselves and groups.

    Lugo surprise decision that was greeted by thousands of happy supporting. However, Ecuadorian President Rafael Correa with the thrill, "Lugo Once things start to change, the attack will start." The attack will come from is the capitalist, including the political strength to the U.S. direction.

    Not a coincidence if all the socialist Latin American leader attending the inauguration ceremony Fernando Lugo, who held in the capital city of Asuncion simple .. They centralizing by the spirit of anti-United States, or at least dare to fight and say NO to the superior power of the state. On the countries that led the conservative politicians who pro America, namely Mexico, Colombia, Peru, just send a messenger.

    The socialist president attended the inauguration of "president of the poor" for the Hugo Chavez of Venezuela, Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva (Brazil), Cristina Kirchner (Argentina), Michelle Bachelet (Chile), Evo Morales (Bolivia) and Rafael Correa (Ecuador). Their presence makes the appointment to be such a celebration of a new style of socialism in Latin America in the earth.

    Fernando Lugo, 56 years old, won the presidential election in Paraguay last April. Previously he worked as a Catholic bishop in areas that are poor countries with Brazil, Argentina, and Bolivia that. He got permission from the Vatican temporary leave, win the election, and became the first bishop in the world who has won the presidential election.


    Do you know 10 Hollywood artist's mental illness

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    1. Depression
    Depression is a medical-psychiatric condition and not just a sad situation, if the conditions to cause a depression, interference social activities day-to-day it is referred to as a Disturbance Depression. Some Disorders Depression symptoms are feeling sad, feeling tired after the event over the usual routine, lost interest and enthusiasm, lazy for activities, and sleep pattern disturbance.

    2. Agoraphobia
    fear the foreign environment / outside, so sometimes the fear out of the house people..

    3. Starving to be Thin (Anorexia)
    Anorexia is a psychological aberration someone who suffered a lack of appetite and hunger, although actual taste of food. Or can also said to deal with activity as the body how to eat deliberately restrictions and strict control. Basically, the people are very hungry but afraid to eat because it can lead to increase in body weight.
    The desire to be lean because there could be several things, that is not satisfied tehadap among themselves, consider themselves not interesting, or perhaps because of environmental pressure, which is always mocking victims of "obese".

    4. Bulimia (Eating Disorder)
    Mental illness is marked with a pattern of excessive eating and dangerous.
    -Pain on the excessive worry that increased body weight
    -Eat-in a large number of vomiting in ago
    -Health-throat that chronic
    -Depletion-layer email teeth
    -Waste-water habit is not regular
    -Salivary gland swelling
    -It can decrease the weight of body weight.
    it is not known exactly, but estimated that caused by fear of the extremely overweight.

    5. Bipolar Disorder
    Symptoms Diseases Manik-Depresif (Bipolar deviation)
    Manik-depresif disease usually begins with depression, and include at least 1 episode mania in the disease. Depression episode lasts for 3-6 months. In the form of the disease the most weight (deviation bipolar I), depression in intermittent by the weight of mania. In the form that is not too heavy (deviation bipolar II), brief episodes of depression in intermittent with hipomania. The form of the disease is more mild siklotimik, where the period of excitement and depression, not too heavy, lasted only a few days, and relapse in the lapse of time that is not uniform.

    6. Post Partum Depression
    Post-birth depression, Postpartum depression (PPD), is a form of clinical depression that can affect women after childbirth. The influence of depression after the birth of each person is different. But there are some symptoms that can waspadai mother, for example:
    • Having panic attacks or fear.
    • Keep up with the concerned mother's health or safety is concerned even with the people close to the mother.
    • Feeling that the mother is the mother or the evil.
    • Continue the experience destroyed.
    • Often feel want to cry without reason is clear.
    • Want to sleep but did not continue to feel calm.
    • It's hard to sleep.

    7. Hoarding Obsession
    obsession to collect goods that do not how useful again, so make a place into a kind of "trash" .. usually people (especially artists ..) feel pity to discard benda2 page as a result of their hard work possible hoarding obsession is still associated with OCD

    8. Sleep Disorder (Insomnia)
    Sleep disorder is highlighted here is almost insomnia. Because average the artists find this very difficult time sleep.They really know without a job tired, even almost 24 hours. Insomnia is a symptom aberration in the form of sleep difficulty sleeping or repeated for maintaining sleep despite the opportunity for that. Symptoms are usually followed up at the functional interference. Insomnia is often caused by the existence of a disease or a result of psychological problems. In this case, medical or psychological assistance will be needed.
    Justin Chambers is one of the artist people with insomnia. In the channel do I watch, I spelled Justin Chambers never slept only 2 hours in a week ... even the death of the Joker aka Heath Ledger was also associated with overdosis drug consumption do him sleep so that she can.

    9. Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD)
    Obsessive compulsive Disorder (OCD) is one of the worries of deviation is marked with the clinical behavior of obsesif (must be - and without tolerance), which is related to the behavior kompulsif (something to do with repeatedly). Behavior kompulsif aims to calm obsesifnya behavior.

    10. Self-Injury
    Self injury (hurt / injure yourself) can be defined as an act of mutilasi (damage) on the body or body part deliberately, not with the purpose of suicide, but as a way to release emotions-emotions that are too painful to expressed with words.
    Self injury can be cut up, or scratch burning the skin, or through accident bruised body that has been previously planned. In cases of a more extreme and even break their bones, their bones, take the goods harmful, amputate their own body, or inject poison into the body.

    This is the strength of the Nuclear North Korea!

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    North Korea is believed to have more than 800 ballistic rudal, including guided missile remote that a day can shoot goals in the United States.

    Communist state was first obtained rudal-rudal tactical from the Soviet Union in early 1969. However, rudal Scud-rudal first reported in Egypt, came through in 1976. Cairo supply guided missile Scud B to reward Pyongyang with aid form against Israel in the Yom Kippur War in 1973.

    North Korea has some type of guided missile short distance. The most accurate shot at the same time the distance is fired KN-02, with a range of 100 kilometers. Rudal stage in this type of testing and be prepared for the South Korean military installation.

    Pyongyang also has rudal Scud B with a distance of 300 kilometers shoot, Scud C (500 kilometers), and the Scud D (700 kilometers). The three types of guided missile that has been tested and placed in the try various positions. They prepared to attack various targets in South Korea.

    Rudal middle distance
    Nodong can carry the nuclear shoot with dis
    tance 1000 km. Guided missile has been tested this kind of attempt in May 1993, but not accurate. According to the Center for Non-proliferation Studies United States, shot Nodong can slip 2-4 kilometers from the target. It can reach almost all areas of Japan.

    A. Tapeodong-1
    Have a 2200-kilometer distance and shoot a little more accurate rather Nodong. Guided missile of this type of attempt has been tested in August 1998 on the northern Japan.

    Taepodong-1 can reach the United States military base in Okinawa. However, the launch process requires long preparation so that the enemy more quickly.

    B. Taepodong X
    Rudal land-based is still in development and not yet tested try. Taepodong X believed to have 4,000-kilometer distance shoot so capable of reaching United States military base in Guam. Guided missile of this type of system can ditembakkan of launching the car.

    C. Taepodong-2
    Have a distance and shoot at 5000-6000 kilometers capable of reaching Hawaii, Alaska, and the United States west coast. Launch preparation takes time. However, the Taepodong-2 accurately and is able to bring the nuclear size.


    Bigest man in the world!

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    This is indeed a record. Men of Monterrey, Northern Mexico, is recorded in the current edition of Guinness Book as the most obese people worldwide, 560 Kg. Six years ago, he did not go out of the iron bedstead in his room. Movement is only to sit and lie down, and each time the engine massager for smooth circulation of blood on his knee and elbow. Bath and all the hunger in the place where he did. His fiancee, Claudia Solis, helping with the faithful.

    Under the supervision team doctor and nutrition experts, Uribe was controversial and the zone diet be gazed at by The American Heart Association. Strict diet that does not cause hunger Uribe. He was still eating 5 times a day, with a menu of fish, chicken, meat, fruits and almost all types of vegetables. He can also drink cans - of course without sugar.

    What is the main motivation is to encourage Uribe berdiet strict?

    "I really love my fiance. This year I want to engaged women. I want to undergo the ceremony
    marriage normal, standing side by side. If I stay like this, it is impossible happen"


    7 Things that should not be done after the eat!

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    1. Do not Smoking
    Research from experts proves that smoking a cigarette after eating the same as smoking 10 cigarettes (possibly fell ill cancer is greater)

    2. Do not live to eat fruits
    Jump to eat fruits after eating will cause stomach filled with air. To eat the fruit 1-2 hours after meals or 1 hour before eating.

    3. Do not drink tea
    Tea leaves as it contains a high acid contents. This will cause the uterus womb protein in food that has been difficult for our consumption digested.

    4. Do not laxing bind your waist
    Laxing belt after eating will cause intestinal curving and blocking.

    5. Do not Bathroom
    Bathroom raise up blood flow to hands, feet and cause the amount of virgin body of around stomach will continue to decrease. This will weaken the digestive system in our stomach.

    6. Do not Walk
    People often say that running a few steps after eating will extend age. In fact this is not true. Walking will cause the digestive system is not capable absorb nutrition from food that we eat.

    7. Do not sleep immediately
    Food that we eat can not be digested well. This will cause the intestinal inflammation and stomach experience.


    Giant worms caught in the UK

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    Staff at the British giant aquarium to catch worms that make others fear the aquarium. For months, throughout the four-foot creature that is in the Blue Reef Aquarium Newquay.

    Aqurium previous employees are not sure what caused the coral in the aquarium was damaged. After a weekend without some guidance, they decided to search for instructions to disassemble.

    Workers put the bait, traps, which is mysteriously destroyed in the night night. In fact, there are aqurium tropical giant worms. Is being spent fluid does not smell the tasty, and can cause a lost feeling in humans.

    "Worm is quite similar horror movie. Length up to 4 feet (1.2 meters) and have a canine frightening, "said aquarium curator Matt Slater.

    Slater said the worm is small when the arrived, and is estimated to come from other aquarium. Worms that are now separated in pool own.


    Moon Once Split?

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    Is the incredible 14 centuries ago, when he moon splitwith the permission of Allah?. Regardless of which comes from God and the Messengers reasonable or not there is no option to reject it. Because a rejection is a answers nearly what our faith in the truth? String tract following hopefully can add confidence we will be a truth, ... the absolute truth from him.

    He said: "They have been close end of day, and has hours split (QS Al-Qamar: 1)" Do you justify will paragraph story from the Al-Qur'an is the incoming leaders of Hizb Islami English? Below is the story :

    In meeting with the television Geology Muslim expert, Prof. Dr. Zaghlul Al-Najar, one of the UK citizens to ask questions to him, whether the verse from surat Al-Qamar at the top of the uterus have a scientific miracle?

    But Prof. Dr. Zaghlul Al-Najar it as follows:
    About this verse, I will narrate a story. Since some time ago, I presented at the Univ. Cardif, the western part of the UK, and the participants were diverse, there is a Muslim and there is also a non-Muslim. One theme of discussion at that time was about scientific miracles of the Al-Qur'an. One of the young people who are Muslim, also stood and said, "O Lord, do you think the paragraph reads [close days Past end of day moon and has split] contains a scientific miracle? Then I reply: No, because violence be scientific knowledge by , while the signs can not be science, because he can not reach.

    And about moon splited, then it is a miracle that occurred in the last Messenger, Muhammad shallallahu 'alaihi up respectfully as justification prophethood and, as the prophets before. And signs that appear, then it is justified and to be witnessed by everyone who see them. If it is not set in the book of Allah and the hadith-hadith Allah's Messenger, then surely we in the era of the Moslems is not will believe it. However, it is set correctly in the Al-Qur'an and Sunna Sunna-Prophet shallallahu alaihi respectfully. And indeed Allah ta'alaa really has power over all things.

    But Prof. Dr. Zaghlul Al-Najar was quoted a story he slit days. The story is that before the Hijrah from Mecca to Medina Mukarramah. The idolaters said, "O Muhammad, if you correct the Prophet and the messenger, try to show an intensity that we can prove the prophethood and Messengers (ridicule and make fun of)?" He asked, "What do you want? They said: Try half moon.."

    He then stood up and was speechless, and pray to God so that helped. Allah tells Muhammad that lead to finger moon. But he also direct the finger to moon, and with the rounded real splited. Then immediately the idolaters also said, "Muhammad, you really have enchant us!" But experts say that the magic, the truth can only "witch" who have besides will but people can not spell that is not there. So they waited on the people who will return from the trip. Those Quraish was rushing out to the limits of the city Mecca awaits the return of a new journey. And when the troupe comes from the first trip to Mecca, then the idolaters also asked, "Do you see something strange with the moon?" They said, "Yes, correct. On a night that we saw moon ago split into two and mutual apart each and then re ...!!!"

    So some of them also believe, and some other more permanent disbelieve (reject). Therefore, God sends down His verses:

    Indeed, have been close qiamat days, moon and has been split, and when I saw signs of greatness Us, They refuse again turned and said, "This is the magic that constantly," and they are it, and even follow their carnality. And any matters really .... still have until the end of Al-Qamar.

    This is the real story, said Prof. Dr. Zaghlul Al-Najar. And after the completion of Prof.. Dr. Zaghlul the hadith is the prophet, standing a Muslim British citizens and introduce themselves and say, "I Pitkhok Moses, David, the head of the Al-Hizb Al-Islamy UK." O my lord, may I add? "

    Prof. Dr. Zaghlul Al-Najar said, are happy with. "
    David Pitkhok Moses said, "I have been researching religions (before a Muslim), then one of his Muslim students a translation of the meanings of Qur'an al-noble. So, I thank him and I brought it home rendering home. And when I open the open-translation al-Qur'an in the home, the letter of the first open I was al-Qamar. And I also read: Past day near qiamat moon and has split ...

    So I mumble: Does this sentence make sense? What may be split and then reunite? If so, what kind of power that can do it? So, I stop reading of the verses and then I busy myself with the affairs of daily life. But God Knows the Most about the level His servant in search of truth. Then one day I sat in front of British television. At that time there was a discussion between the presenter and a UK 3 U.S. space experts.

    Outer third expert was told about these funds so that big in order to travel to outer space, when, in the same time the world are experiencing hunger, poverty, disease and strife. Presenter said, "If the funds are used for earth memakmurkan, the more useful". The three experts are also on the defensive antariksanya with the project and said, "outer space this project will bring a very positive impact on many segments of human life, good sense of medicine, industry, and agriculture. So funding is not a futile, but it in order that the development of human life.

    And discussion of the decline is about astronauts legg set in, where the trip to outer space this moon to spend the funds have not less than 100 million dollars. Hear it, and tell presenter surprised, "especially with this kind of foolishness, so the funds are removed by the U.S. only to be landed on the moon?" They also said, "No, ..!!! aim not only drive in science in the U.S., but we will learn in the womb in itself, then we have got the fact of the moon, that if we provide funds more than 100 million dollars for human enjoyment, then we will not provide the funds to anyone. So that is the presenter said, "the fact that you have been so tired so expensive taruhannya. They said,

    "The days have been a division in the old days, and then ignites again.! Presenter is asked," How can you be sure that akanhal? "They said," We have found exactly rock-rock from a separate cut in the surface of the moon up in the (stomach) moon. So we ask the experts for research geology, and they said, "This could not have happened unless it had split moon ago together again."

    Hear the explanation, the head of the Al-Hizb Al-Islamy English says, "So I came down from the chair and said," Signs (intensity) actually have occurred in the self of Muhammad sallallahu alaihi wassallam an 1400-year ago. God has truly mock the U.S. to issue such a large fund, 100 million dollars more, just to set the truth Muslims! Thus, Islam is not wrong ... may be So I said, "So, I open the back Mushhaf Al-Qur'an and I read the letter of Al-Qamar, and at that time ... I was beginning to accept and enter Islam.

    Translated by: Abu Muhammad ibn Shadiq

    Chantelle Satisfied Making Love with Defoe

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    Big Brother stars Chantelle Houghton finally open mouth of the relationship with the Tottenham Hotspur striker Jermain Defoe who must eventually end with separation. Chantelle confess to bed satisfied with Defoe.

    Chantelle who is now aged 25 years, if realized himself stuck in a world where the wanira the previously independent become dependent on the glamor of life after dating or married to soccer star who can not be trusted.

    "Expensive shoe does not make you happy, not at all. Most of the WAG does not have any, but now they have a bag-purse expensive, and abundant material. But it does not mean anything when you betray your boyfriend, "said Chantelle.

    The owners of breast size with the beautiful 32 DD finally realize this himself may not live under the shadow of lies. And finally decided to leave Jermain.

    "Four months for a relationship, I knew I loved him. I write in a valentine card but he never says back. We finally separated the two weeks later, "said Chantelle.

    Chantelle peak regret when his mobile phone to see Jermain is there any other images of women.

    "I am very disappointed and eventually resemble the stem I-goods. Seraya said, "I hope one day, you realize, I just have to you. I'm with you not expect anything, "he said.

    Chantelle also recognize when a former girlfriend is very confident in bed, in addition Jermain also wild and savage.

    "Jermain is very confident in bed and with the body, I think he can get what he want. Intimate relationship we satisfy one another. We make every day for two at any time, "I squeeze Chantelle as quoted from the News of the World. Read More...