Tips !! 10 minutes to make the women fly to the seventh heaven

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Women is a subject for a woman to satisfy the male appetite. but whether the men will do a thing to be able to satisfy a woman during a Making Love? it always will be a question for all of us.

May already know that the man who can satisfy a woman will like it and always says yes when you invite the beloved to do the biological matter.

Step2 you should know that women needed to reach the seventh heaven does not only stimulate the G Spot and you do not need to do during 1 till 3 hours 10 minutes just need n your couples will be Flew to the sky and without Making Love.

one of the specialist sex overseas step2 concluded that women needed to be able to fly on the sky seventh in 10 minutes.

first minute : touch his head with both hands and you are directed to the fondling of the brow and neck try to touch your index finger behind the ear because the guy behind the ears guy is one of the sensitive woman.

second minute : start with the smell of the face and brow susuri slowly towards the eyes and nose, and do not directly try to kiss lips kiss lips first corner of the mouth so that women will feel curious to direct and kissing make this heart woman start rattle quite fast.

third minute : use your tongue to do the stimulus in the back of your ear and light your breath occasionally burrow into ear and saying "i love you"

fourth minute : switch to kiss your neck and use a little smacker and I ask him to make do with soft hickey. but do lick intimate with more soft.

fifth minute : smack you down to the chest and the chest ekslorasi up to the side of the breast and not the first touching part breast because the side of the breast is also a sensitive part of women.

sixth minute: you start referring to the smell but do not directly breast hilt to do its part outer lap of the breast and do alternate stalk her and this will make it into it's heart and improve tap.

sevent minutes: step down begin your tongue toward the stomach and slowly broom her navel hole pair and you will get a stimulus extraordinary.

eight minutes: now use your tongue to start to attack the pahanya hands and you can play a feather in her vagina it can be more stimulating for the woman.

nine minutes: the stimulus to do the outside of the vagina with the vagina and lick the lips which is a small bulge at the bottom that will make the woman happy and get a high level stimulus.

ten minutes, and the last to enter the tongue in your vagina hole women
and jilatlah slowly and with selingi suction out the mouth and your lap in the top her vagina and finally the woman will go to seventh heaven with you Making Love.

Perhaps in the first experience you will not be satisfy but with more practice u will be more expert and expert.