Hobbit fossil found in Flores

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Been watching film of Lord of The Ring kan? There are characters named nation Hobbit ... Believe it or not, they truly are...

A new proof of the existence of the nation or the Hobbit being stunted sciencetist with the surprise finding of the wrist bones, skull, brain, shoulder and leg bones in Flores. The sciencetist concluded that the fossil is related to the existence of Homo Erectus who has reached Asia after the migration of Africa 2 million years ago. But evidence from the latest research found that the fathers of the nation Hobbit / pigmy nations already have the previous remote.

"We feel that the evidence showed that we found this dwarf human antecedents Erectus left Africa, this nation so that roam in the Flores, Indonesia" Word Smith Harcourth. That still makes us confused is "What is this Hobbit evolved into smaller or indeed have been shaped like this" Adding him.

An article in an expert Daniel Lieberman ancient writing "I still browse further evidence about the condition of H. Floresiensis".