Summer Breeze, horses that have a record in the world

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Summer Breeze is a mare 11 years of age who have tails terpanjang world records so history and in The Guinness Book of Records. Length tails Summer is 12 feet 6 inches or about 3.81 meters and he does every strand of hair ekot Summer has teksture like rope rod. He is our little queen, and he also know that, Miss Crystal clear via Though born with a normal head of hair that is also normal, but when the big Summer, the tails follow-up also grow lengthwise. very length, the owner, Crystal Socha and Casey, his brother took about 3 hours to wash the head of the Summer 2 each month.

Also, because the long tails, the owner is often free permited Summer outside the arena and often pigtail Summer tails. If he is on the outside and tails stream, so I know how valuable ekornya, said Crystal again. In addition longest have tails, live in the Summer of Hoof Print Farm in Augusta, Kansas that also have a surai extraordinary. Very usually outside, every time the time to eat, Summer surai must be made first so that I surainya follow-up chewing. Summer Breeze became famous when in the arena and exhibit tails the most in the long EquFest annual event held in Kolesium in Wichita Kansas.