Is Upgrade to Internet Explorer 8?

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Seattle - Microsoft announced the availability of Internet Explorer 8 after the pilot for a year.

IE8 can be run on the operating system the most mutakhirnya Microsoft Windows Vista. IE8 can also run on Windows XP, the operating system that many users used disappointed with the performance of Vista.

IE8 will replace IE7 works cacthing market. Based on the survey, the latest IT consultant Janco Associates, Internet Explorer has 72.2% market share. Firefox nearest competitors of 17.2%. Google's new browser Chrome has only 2.8% of the market while Apple Safari less than 1%.

Microsoft is not fair to bundling browser operating system, be suit everywhere, including the U.S. and Europe. Microsoft competitors said the action was not given the opportunity to compete in the male market.

Last month Google with Mozilla and Opera of Norway protest action is Microsoft. In January the government in the run in Europe also because package Microsoft Internet Explorer with the Windows operating system used 95% of the PC world.

New IE8 features, including right-click on an address to go directly to a map, or put it in another blog or website. Microsoft called the accelerator. Users can also put the keyword in the address to call back the site associated with it.

New browser that also has the improved security. For example, the user will be reminded if you download something from a site known as a dangerous source of software or malware