10 Most Unique Restaurants in the World

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1. Cannibalistic Restaurant ( JAPAN )
"Nyotaimori" (meaning "female body plate") is one of the restaurant in Japan that serve sushi sashimi dah in the "body" of women. "Body" is made from food and placed on the operating table, such as in hospitals. Visitors can take the body anywhere. Body that will cut out the blood, just like a snippet of the human body. Restaurant such as this are suitable for human taste cannibal.

2. Toilet Restaurant ( TAIWAN )
Marton Theme Restaurant, in Kaohsiung (Taiwan) to provide toilets for customers nuance. Decorating the room, chairs and a place I used to eat just like in the toilet. Table is created, such as bathtub, and I provided the food placed on the plates and bowls are designed as you sit down toilet. Table here is not only tasty, but also give visitors the sensation itself

3. Restaurant in the Sky ( BELGIUM )
"Dinner in the Sky" is one of the restaurants in Brussels, which provides food for 22 people ... of course at a height of 150 feet! Places to eat in a special design to be lifted using a crane. Visitors choose the location you are interested altitude, origin and do not throw forks let alone a knife ...

4. Dark Restaurant ( CHINA )
Restaurants darkness that is located in Beijing China. All restaurant design realy black. Visitors who will come in between by servants fully equipped with a telescope to the night table. Flashlight, HP, glass is prohibited in this area. Because can not see the food you eated, visitors really I feel the food is never eaten before in this restaurant ... Hmmm I have appeared in the there cockroach, visitors will also get ga, great idea!

5. Restaurant grave (INDIA)
Restaurants are located in Ahmadabad India is famous for the milk tea, roll, and the graves between the tables. The owners of restaurants that have opened this restaurant heredity for 4 decades, but I do not know who you corpse buried under the grave of this.

6. Restaurant in prison (ITALY)
This restaurant is located in the most secure, the prison Fortezza Medicea in Italy. Decorating the house is a prison, where murder is equipped with a wall at 60kaki, control tower, security camera that has been operating for 500 years. Besides, this place is also equipped with a guard with a prison full of weapons.

7. Restaurant Robot (CHINA)
What is called a robot? because the restaurant is open all day for 21 days without the tired. Restaurant manager also visible at a glance the same, but this is a couple pairs identical twin! Orang2 call about "robot couple restaurant" as they see the same work as a robot in running a restaurant from 5 am until 3 days early. Hence it is called the robot.

8. Restaurant under the sea (MALDIVES)
Restaurants under the sea first introduced at the Hilton Maldives Resort & Spa, April 2007. Restaurant called Ithaa (read "eet-ha", meaning "pearl" in the Maldives, Dhivehi) is 5 meters below the Indian Ocean, surrounded by coral reefs and sea bottom of the panorama. This is the restaurant for the first category under the sea.

9. Condom Restaurant ( THAILAND )
"Cabbages and Condoms" is the name of the restaurant in Thailand. There are a lot of condoms in the paintings dinding2 and condoms in the carpet. After the meal, the visitor will be given condoms in the cashier's table. The advantage of this restaurant used to support the foundation's Population and Community Development Association (PDA).

10. Medical Restaurant ( TAIPEI )
D.S. Music Restaurant in Taipei, Taiwan is a restaurant with the feel of the medical. Decorating the room, such as hospitals, pelayannya dressed as a nurse, and also drink bottles packed in bottles infus.